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First Initial:

A: Johnny

B: Tony

C: Bruce

D: Tommy

E: Charlie

F: Luca

G: Angelo

H: Alex

I: Eddie

J: Harry

K: Connor

L: Big Jim

M: Frank

N: Dion

O: Mickey

P: Otto

Q: Ike

R: Moe

S: Maxie

T: Ryan

U: Jake

V: Sophia

W: Lou

X: John

Y: Bonnie

Z: Billy


middle Initial:

A: Scarface

B: The Enforcer

C: The Hump

D: Knuckles

E: The Waiter

F: Machine Gun

G: Two Guns

H: Jellyroll

I: Brass Knuckles

J: Babyface

K: Bugsy

L: Ice Pick

M: The Undertaker

N: Greasy Thumb

O: Nails

P: The Brain

Q: Bananas

R: Doc

S: Tick Tock

T: Big Tuna

U: Pretty Pants

V: Kissing Bandit

W: Danger

X: The Hammer

Y: Shotgun

Z: Babyface


last Initial:

A: Colosimo

B: Capone

C: Nitti

D: Humphreys

E: O’Banion

F: Dillinger

G: Moran

H: O’Connor

I: Weiss

J: Costello

K: Murphy

L: Kelly

M: Frank

N: Torrio

O: Calderone

P: O’Donnel

Q: Diamond

R: Giorgio

S: Morello

T: Piccolo

U: Francesca

V: Genna

W: Drucci

X: O’Toole

Y: O’Leary

Z: Touhy