Carol's Speakeasy-Former Bar where Jeffrey Dahmer Picked up Victim

Here are photos of the dilapidated former Carol's Speakeasy at 1355 N. Wells Street in Chicago where in 1991Jeffrey Dahmer, one of America's most brutal murderers, picked up one of his victims, Jeremiah Weinberger, a 23 year old Gold Coast resident. Weinberger worked as a customer service representative at Images of the World, the video sales department of the Bijou, 1349 N. Wells St., an adult theater.

Dahmer committed about 17 murders and was known for dismembering his victims. Dahmer was beaten to death by a fellow inmate in 1994.


Former Shirt Store Used by Mob as Front Being Torn Down

A former shirt store at 837  N. State Street in Chicago's River North neighborhood, which was used many years ago as a front by the Chicago mob, is being knocked down by Loyola University to make room for new facility. Chicago mob members used to use this space for meetings, which is especially interesting in light of the fact that the old Schofield's Flower Shop, which was just down the street across from Holy Name Cathedral, also used to be used to hold meetings for Chicago's North Side gang during the 1920s.


Chicago Gangsters: From Al Capone to the Gangster Disciples

Chicago is known as the home of Al Capone, the world's most well know gangster.  Travel anywhere in the World and you'll know that Chicago is often times synonymous with the name Chicago Gangster Al Capone.  Today, Chicago is also known as the gang capital of the United States, with at least 600 factions and a minimum of 70,000 members.  For further details on current Chicago gang activity, please review this recent report at

Senator Mark Kirk and Representative Bobby Rush Declare Cease Fire over Charged Solution to Chicago Gangs

Enjoy Clarence Page's commentary on the dispute and peace making between Illinois Senator Mark Kirk and Illinois State Representative Bobby Rush.  The dispute and subsequent cease fire are related to comments initiated by Mark Kirk and his suggested solution to Chicago's gang violence, which included arresting 18,000 members of the Gangster Disciples, Chicago's largest street gang. 


Downtown Chicago Jail Escapee Receives Sentence

Kenneth Conley, who dramatically escaped from the downtown Chicago prison in 2012, received 20 year prison sentence.  Barring another escape, which would put him the category of other escapees, including Terrible Tommer O'Conner, Roger Touhy, Jeff Erickson and Joseph Banks, Conley will unlikely be scaling down any further prison walls.


Former Illinois Governor George Ryan to Pen "tell all book."

George Ryan, a released former federal prison and Illinois governor, is penning a "tell all book" while under house arrest.  Stay tuned for publication date and further details, which may concern some former and current top state officials.  The conviction of George Ryan is covered on Chicago Crime Tours and the book may shed additional light on events surrounding his conviction and term as governor.  For tour details, please visit


Warner Bros. Releases Gangster Film Collections

In conjunction with its 90th birthday celebration, Warner Bros. has released two (2) sets of gangster film collections.  Several of the films include Chicago gangster and mob connections, including two of Chicago's most well known gangsters Al Capone and John Dillinger,  Elliot Ness and the Untouchables are featured in "The Untouchables."  As with most Hollywood films, viewers should not accept movie content as fact.  Chicago Crime Tours, which features history of Chicago gangsters and criminals, addresses these historical figures with facts and is a good source of reliable information!  Please let Chicago Crime Tours if you would like to recommend any other films with Chicago gangster or mob references.


Teen Mobs Intimidate and Attack on Chicago's Magnificent Mile

Hopefully, this past weekend was not a foreshadowing of continued teen mob action on Chicago's Magnificent Mile and Gold Coast neighborhood.  Innocent people, including a Chicago horse mounted police officer, became victims of Chicago gangster style tactics and intimidation.